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The Manoa Fire Company is one of five volunteer fire stations serving the 9.5 square miles of Haverford Township. The Company provides fire suppression, rescue operations, and assists with emergency medical services to the Township's approximate 50,000 residents. The Company's firefighting staff is 100% volunteer, staffing an Engine, a Rescue, and a Rescue-Pumper 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In order to continue to provide this vital service to the community, the Manoa Fire Company is always looking for new members. If you are interested in becoming part of something special and joining the brotherhood of firefighting, see our Become a Member section.


Thursday, May 3, 2012  Tonight a crew of 12 members took a short trip over to the old Chuckie Cheese building on Baltimore Pike in Springfield for a night of training.  Upon arrivial all members met at the command post for the check in and safety message and then a pre drill walk through of the building was completed.  Station 56 members for the first hour worked on forcible entry and wall breaching then the remainder 2 hours was spent on Rapid Intervention Team Operations. The officers and members wish to thank the Officers of the Springfield Fire Company for the invite and hospitality during the drill. Also attending the training were Station 06, Station 58, Station 13, Station 19, Station 23, Station 44 and Station 20.  Thanks to Mark Sherwood for the pictures.




Tuesday, April 10, 2012  At around 0445hours, the Delaware County Regional Task Force was alerted to respond and assist units in Berks and Chester County. Units there were out in French Creek State Park with a large brush fire that had been burning out of control for several hours. The fire was beginning to impinge on nearby houses and industrial buildings. Prior to requesting the DelCo Task Force, the Task Force from Chester and Montgomery Counties, as well as numerous units from Lancaster County, were activated.

Chief 56 and Squad 56 (with 5 members) responded to the staging site at the Marple Crossroads Shopping Center. From there, the Task Force (consisting of Task Force Leaders - Chief 53 and Chief 56, Squad 56, Engine 53-2 [Broomall], Engine 44-1 [Springfield], Engine 20-3 [Garrettford-Drexel Hill], Ladder 35 [Brookline], and members from the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency) traveled up to Chester County Station 69 (Twin Valley Fire Dept), where they stood by for several hours before being relieved by a Task Force from Lancaster County.

During our stay at Station 69 one engine was requested to replace another engine at a preset drafting site.  Engine 44-1 took the job and hooked up to dry pipe at a reservoir.  They provided a much needed resupply to responding brush trucks during the incident.  All other units of the task force remained at the ready for our 8-10 hour stay in Chester County.

REMEMBER!! The probability for brush fires is very high right now! Any outdoor burning or smoking needs to be COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED before being left unattended. The smallest bit of fire left burning can quickly get out of control!




Monday, April 9, 2012  At 0933hours, the building assignment was struck for Marple Township, in the area of the South New Ardmore Park, for a dwelling fire. The dispatch alerted Company, Ambulance, and Medic 53, Engine Company 56, Truck Company 41, and RIT Company 20. Upon police arrival, they discovered smoke showing from a house in the unit block of Cornell Avenue. Medic 53-7A arrived soon after to report debris on the rear deck on fire, with the rear of the residence becoming involved. The ambulance crew grabbed a nearby garden hose and knocked the fire down prior to the arrival of the fire department. Deputy 53 arrived on location and held the response to Engine 53-2 and Ladder 41.

That same day, at 1316hours, the building assignment was struck for Haverford Township, to the 200 block of Warrior Road, for a dwelling. The dispatch alerted Company 58, Engine Company 56, Truck Company 34, and Medic 108. First arriving units found the fire located to the rear of the residence, involving brush and a wooden fence. Pipeline 58 and Engine 56 pulled 1 3/4" handlines to extinguish the blaze. It is believed that the fire was caused by careless smoking.

The Manoa Fire Company would like to remind residents that if you smoke in or near your residence, be sure to fully extinguish and properly dispose of any burning materials. A small, unextinguished cigarette can have disastrous effects!

Photos courtesy of Career EMT Brendan Monahan




Wednesday, April 4, 2012  Just after 1500hours, 15-9 requested an engine from 56 respond to the 200 block of South Ithan Ave in Radnor Township for the multi-alarm building fire.  Crews had been operating on scene for about 45min.  Command advised that units on scene were having water supply issues. Engine 56 went responding expecting to utilize the amount of 5" supply line onboard.  Upon arrival the Engine was placed at a hydrant to push water to the fire while the crew assisted all hands with fire fighting activities, both inside and out.

Engine 56 remained on scene until nearly 2100hours, and was released as other crews remained on scene late into the night.




Thursday, March 22, 2012  At 1414 hours, Engine Company 56 was requested on the residential box for the 200-block of North Central Blvd, in Marple Township. The assignment brought Company 53, Engine 56, Ladder 41, RIT 20, and Ambulance and Medic 53. 53-9A arrived on scene and held the assignment to Engine 56 and Engine 53-2. Engine 56 arrived first and used the TIC to locate a vent fan in the kitchen that had overheated. As Engine 53-2 arrived and crews prepared to remove the fan cover to check conditions, Engine 56's Officer (EMS Capt J Smith) was advised by Fireboard that the balance of the company was being dispatched with EMS to the 1400-block of Robinson Avenue for a residential rescue. 53-9A released the Engine, which took in the run on Robinson.

While the Engine was en route, Squad 56 (Chief Norman) arrived on location with EMS personnel to find a small child had fallen and become impaled on a decorative hinge on a piece of furniture. After much debate on how to safely remove the child, crews used various tools to cut a piece of the door from the furniture to free the child. EMS crews then transported him to the Lynnewood School, where he was flown by Pennstar 2 to an area trauma center. Crews were in service on Robinson Ave for over 2 hours.

Last we heard, the child was in good condition and is expected to recover quickly. Our thoughts go out to him and his family, and we hope for a speedy recovery!!

Units on scene on Robinson Avenue: Squad 56, Engine 56, Rescue 56, Ambulance 56, Ambulance 34, Medic 108, Medic 108A, Medic 108-9, Medic 108-9A, multiple HTPD units.




Monday, March 12, 2012  This week's drill took the back-to-basic rescue skills that members had been refreshing on over the past few months and threw a complex, hands-on scenario into the mix. Crews mounted the apparatus and travelled to one of the sites in the Township where we might encounter a difficult technical rescue. A rescue dummy was placed half way down a fairly steep incline and crews, led by newer officers, had to utilize a variety of low angle, ropes, rigging, and EMS skills to safely treat, package, and remove the patient from danger. The drill was run twice, and it was very interesting to see how the two crews used different means and methods to accomplish the same task. Both evolutions went very well, as the patient was safely extricated both times in a timely manner using a Stokes basket, and hauled up using a mechanical advantage system.

Drills like this are all over the horizon, so members are encouraged to continue to attend to keep old skills sharp, and learn new ones. A special thanks goes out to Rescue Captain Lou Lattanzio (56-12) for organizing this drill.




Tuesday, March 6, 2012  At 1513 hours Engine 56 was dispatched to the corner of Melrose Ave and Fairmont Rd for a brush fire, reported to be a residential lawn. Shortly after dispatch PD arrived and found a brush fire up against 1901 Melrose Ave. As Squad 56 went responding under the command of 56-13 (Kevin Smith Jr) Fireboard advised the company of such and the assignment was upgraded to a building fire. Squad 56 arrived and found fire in the brush running the height of a 2 story brick S/F/D.  A booster line was placed in service quickly and knocked the fire down as other members forced entry to the home to check for extension. Engine 56 under the command of 56-9B (Mike Norman Jr) arrived and placed 5in in the street, and 34-1 arrived to connect the supply line to the hydrant and provide man power. 56-9B established Melrose Ave Command and placed the fire under control at 1527 hours.  No damage was done to the home, which was vacant at the time of the fire.

Units on scene were Squad and Engine 56, Engine 34-1, Medic 108, and HTPD.

An investigation is currently on going by HTPD.




Thursday, March 1, 2012  With the spring of 2012 approaching the officers and members of Manoa Fire Company have kicked training into high gear. We currently have 4 members attending the Fire Fighter I series at Montgomery County Fire Academy. 12 members have just completed Water Rescue Awareness, Trench Rescue Awareness, and Confined Space Awareness. 6 members completed the Confined Space Rescue Operations class, also held at the Montgomery County Fire Academy.

Several officers have just completed classes at the Philadelphia Fire Academy. Assistant Chiefs Norman and Greenfield completed the National Fire Academy's Incident Command for Structural Collapse Incidents. Captain K. Smith Sr. and EMS Captain J. Smith completed Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Officers.

These trainings are in addition to our weekly drills and are done on the members own time. Several more classes are on the books for late spring and early fall. Thanks to those attending classes for your dedication.




Sunday, February 5, 2012  Just after the Superbowl ended companies were dispatched to Beechwood Drive for a dwelling fire, reported to be a chimney.  Units arrived and Ladder 35 went in service and deployed their "chimney mop" and easily extinguished the fire.  All units were available within an hour.




Wednesday, January 25, 2012  20:42 hours the assignment was dispatched to the 2500 block of Radcliffe Rd for a house fire with PD on scene with fire showing from the garage sending Company 53 (Broomall), Company 41 (Newtown Square), Engine 56, RIT 20 (Garrettford Drexel Hill) and Marple EMS 53-7.  53-9A arrived established command and had Quint 53 stretch a handline to the garage with Engine 53-2 to provide a supply line. Ladder 41 and Engine 56 arrived next 41 took the division 2 while the crew from Engine 56 split up handling interior Division 1 and working with the crew in the garage with overhaul. Comand placed the fire under control at the 30 minute mark and the Engine returned to town around 22:30 hours. Units on Scene Quint 53, Engine 53-2, Rescue 53, Snorkel 53, Ladder 41, Engine 41, Rescue 20, Ambulance and Medic 53, Engine 56 and Fire Police.  Thanks to Mark Walsh for the pictures.



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