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The Manoa Fire Company is one of five volunteer fire stations serving the 9.5 square miles of Haverford Township. The Company provides fire suppression, rescue operations, and assists with emergency medical services to the Township's approximate 50,000 residents. The Company's firefighting staff is 100% volunteer, staffing an Engine, a Rescue, and a Rescue-Pumper 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In order to continue to provide this vital service to the community, the Manoa Fire Company is always looking for new members. If you are interested in becoming part of something special and joining the brotherhood of firefighting, see our Become a Member section.


Monday, March 18, 2013  Tonight members of Company 56 took the Engine and Squad over to Company 34 to train in Company 34's Maze. Crews worked on training in a confined space using various search and rescue techniques. A couple different scenarios were put in place. For many of our newer members, this was their first time training in the maze. Thanks to Company 34 members for giving us the opportunity to train in the maze and assisting in the training.




Wednesday, March 13, 2013  Thanks to Broomall Fire Company, we were able to use their Forcible entry prop for training tonight. Close to 30 members attended proving to be very useful training. The prop provides the ability to force left or right-handed, opening in or opening out doors, metal or wood jambs. You can use an angle iron on the door to simulate high security apartment doors. It allows you to use the gapping method and conventional forcible entry methods on opening-in metal jams (like on apartment doors). Hydra-Rams & Rabbit Tools can also be used.Opening-out forcible entry on metal jambs can also be used (like on commercial buildings or bulkhead doors). Also, you can use the spiking method on the wood jamb simulator (like on private dwelling doors).




Sunday, March 10, 2013  Today proved to be a very long day for members of Manoa Fire Company. The day started off with an odor investigation shortly after 8am. Shortly after noon Upper Darby Companies 20 (Garrettford-Drexel Hill) 26 (Highland Park) and 36 (Cardington-Stonehurst) were dispatched to Township Line Road for a MVA w/ entrapment involving 5 vehicles. Shortly after arriving it was determined the accident occurred on the Haverford side of Township Line, which added Company 56 (Manoa) to the assignment. Crews from Rescue 56 and and Squad 56 stood by while crews from UDFD completed their extrication of the occupant in one of the vehicles. Once the extrication was complete the scene was turned over to Manoa Fire Company (D/C Kelly 9a) and HTPD. A special call was made to Foam and Spill 35 (Brookline) due to the large amount of vehicle fluid on the highway. While crews were operating on this scened Company 56 was dispatched to another MVA w/ entrapment at the intersection of Drexel and Dill Roads. Crew from Squad 56 temporarily diverted from the original scene to the additonal accident. Company 38 (Oakmont) was also added to the dispatch. Crew from Squad 56 performed a quick extrication. Ambulance 56-7 transported one victim to a local hospital. Squad 56 returned to the township line scene where Rescue 56 and Foam and Spill 35 were still standing by. Crew remained at the scene on township line while HTPD conducted their investigation. Units went availble around 3pm. About 2 hours after clearing the tones dropped once again sending Engine 56 for the RIT to assist Springfield township on a working building fire on Rolling road. Upon arriving on scene Engine 56 was put into service dropping a supply line to the first in engine from Company 44 (Springfield). Additonal call was made for Squad 56 to fill in on the RIT assignment. Crews from Company 44 and 56 made a quick knock on the fire.Units went available after 6pm. We would like to thank all of members for all their hard work today. We would also like to thank all the companies we worked with today: UDFD Companies 20,26,36,UD-11 (D/C Johnson), Brookline, Oakmont, and Springfield.




Saturday, March 9, 2013  During mid afternoon Company 56 was dispatched to the medical building on the corner of West Chester Pike and Manoa Road for a reported brush fire. Upon arrival first in crews realized their were building exposure concerns upgrading the assignment to a full box assignment. The crew from Squad 56 made a quick knock and brought the situation under control. Also on scene was Pipeline 58 (Bon Air). Thanks to Ken Kelly for the pictures.




Monday, February 25, 2013  Tonight members of Company 56 (Manoa) and Company 35 (Brookline) trained at the township burn tower. Crews completed a number of different scenarios focusing on engine company and truck company operations. The objective was to put each company in real life scenarios they would encounter in each others locals. Thanks to all that attended.




Thursday, February 21, 2013  Today members of our local boy scout troop visitied the firehouse. The scouts had a chance to learn a lot about what we do on a day to day basis including touring the firehouse, reviewing the apparatus, and learning about the equipment on the trucks.




Saturday, February 9, 2013  Around 14:45 hours today Manoa Fire Company members responded to a house fire on the 1700 block of Belvedere Av in the Brookline section of the township. Crews arrived to find a 2nd floor bedroom on fire. Also on scene were Brookline Fire Company, LLanerch Fire Company, Haverford Township Paramedics and Haverford Township Police Department.




Saturday, January 26, 2013  Just after 3pm on Friday as the snow began falling the day started to pick up for the company. The Engine and Squad along with Tower 34 and Company 58 were dispatched to Havcrest Circle in 58's local for a building fire, reported to be electrical in the walls. Crew from Engine 56 under the command of (56-9 Norman) assisted Squad 58's crew and went available after about 45 minutes on scene. Just after 5pm a special call was put out by Upper Darby Command requesting RIT 56 to respond to the 1200 block of Belfield avenue for a working building fire. Crew from Engine 56 under the command of (56-12B Coll) were advised while enroute to disregard RIT assignment and report to the front of the building. Shortly after arriving on location, Engine 56 was redirected and advised by Fireboard to respond to the Merion Trace Apartments along with 36-2 and Ladder 36,  (UDFD -Cardington Stonehurst) and 37-1 (UDFD) for a Fire Alarm. Shortly before arriving on location Engine 56 and 36-2 were advised that PD on location had smoke on evident on all 4 floors. Upon further invistigation 36 Command advised units the smoke condition was caused by burnt food. Crew from Engine 56 assited 36-2 with ventilation and went availble. Once available, Engine 56 was redirected to Company 20 (UDFD - Garretford-Drexel Hill) for the cover assignment. Crew from Engine 56 sttod by for 20 minutes before being returned and available after 7pm. Shortly after 1am Company 56 was dispatched to the Kindred Hospital in our local. Crew removed two occupants in the elevator and made themselves available. After getting a little bit of sleep, around 9am Company 56 was dispatched to Raymod Drive industrial park for a Natural Gas Leak outside Squad 56 and Engine 56 both made the response. Crew from the Squad secured the leak and made the company available.




Friday, January 25, 2013  Manoa Fire Company is now on Twitter. Please follow us @ManoaFire56




Sunday, December 30, 2012  At about 2pm on December 30th, Company 56 (Manoa) was dispatched to 200 block of Upland for a smoke investigation. Shortly after dispatch, fireboard advised 56 units they were receiving numerous calls for a deck on fire on the 400 block of Upland. 56-9B (Norman Jr.) and 56-9 (Norman Sr.) arrived on loaction with smoke showing from the rear of the home. The investigation was upgraded to a full bullding repsonse adding Engine 34 (Llanerch), Ladder 35 (Brookline), Engine 38 (Oakmont) for the RIT, and the Air Bank from 58 (Bon Air). Squad 56 arrived on location, stretched an attack line to the rear of the building and put a quick knock on the fire containing it to the exterior of the home. Crews from Ladder 35, Engine and Rescue 56, and Engine 34 assisted in checking for extension, overhaul, and dismantling the charred portions of the deck. Units were on scene for about an hour. Also on scene HTPD, Ambulance 56-7, Medic 108. Thanks to Pete Bannan from for the pictures.



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