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The Manoa Fire Company is one of five volunteer fire stations serving the 9.5 square miles of Haverford Township. The Company provides fire suppression, rescue operations, and emergency medical services to the Township's approximate 50,000 residents. The Company's firefighting staff is 100% volunteer, staffing an Engine, a Rescue, and a Rescue-Pumper 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The volunteers also staff two Basic Life Support Ambulances, with assistance from the career staff of the Haverford Township Paramedics Department. Station 56 also houses Medic 108, the Advanced Life Support branch of the Haverford Township Paramedics Department. In order to continue to provide this vital service to the community, the Manoa Fire Company is always looking for new members. If you are interested in becoming part of something special and joining the brotherhood of firefighting, see our Become a Member section.


Chief Marino on left with Chief Norman

Chief Marino on left with Chief Norman

Sunday, January 1, 2012  The officers and members of Manoa Fire Company would like to wish Chief Fire Marshal Jim Marino good luck in his retirement.  Chief Marino has been serving the Township of Haverford for 55 years now, starting his career at the Brookline Fire Company (originally Company 3) where he rose to the rank of chief before moving to his current post as Chief Fire Marshal in 1993.  Over the years it has been a pleasure to work on the fire grounds with Chief Marino who always had the members and their safety as his top priority.  His wealth of knowledge of both the township and buildings will be missed on the fire grounds.  Best wishes and enjoy your retirement Chief you will be missed by the men and women of Manoa. 




Sunday, January 1, 2012  Another record breaking calender year has come to a close for the 56 house.  Last year we finished with a total of 310 fire emergency responses and an all time high 1789 medical emergency's.  2009 closed out with an all time high 326 fire emergency's and 1786 medical emergency's.  This year we have a new record of 331 fire emergency's, with medical emergency's keeping pace at 1778.

Part of our rise in numbers has been the amazing bond we as a company have kept with not just the other company's in Haverford Township, but also the ones we built with the surrounding Broomall (Company 53) and Springfield (Company 44) Fire Company's, and the long continued bond with Radnor Fire Company (Company 15).  Our emergency responses to those locals totaled 40 of our 331 fire runs, and countless numbers of EMS responses into the 53 local.

As we have said before, these numbers have been rising over the years and will continue to rise with years to come.  At years end the Manoa Fire Company has a total of 8 fire officers, 3 EMS officers, 7 engineering staff members, but only 4 probationary members to move up the ranks in future years.  We have a good solid base of general firefighting staff and EMT's in between the probbie's and officers, but can always use more.  We encourage any member of the community to step up to the plate and give what we do a swing.




Saturday, December 24, 2011  Just after 0600hours Company 44 and other mutual aid companies were dispatched to the Country Side Market and Deli in Swarthmore Borough for the working building fire.  Units encountered heavy smoke throughout the building and eventually activated the evacuation tones on the fire grounds.

Again Squad 58, Tower 05, and Rescue 56 covered Station 44.  Units remained in station for about 5 hours and ran no calls during their stay there.




Monday, December 19, 2011  Shortly after the 1800hour 06-9 (Collingdale Fire Company Chief) was driving through Springfield Township when he discovered a working house fire on the unit block of West Woodland Ave.  Company 44 and RIT 20 went responding and encountered heavy fire conditions within the home.  Two vehicles were found in the driveway, so crews assumed there was entrapment and went in service for rescue and fire suppression.  A 2nd alarm was struck adding RIT 53 and other mutual aid companies.  During search and rescue operations, a MAYDAY was called for a member of 44 who had fallen through the floor on the 2nd floor and found himself in the basement.  RIT 53 went in service and located the firefighter, who was uninjured and was able to walk out of the basement via a back door.  Crews remained in service and battled the blaze for hours, with no further incidents to be reported.

As crews worked, Squad 58, Tower 05 (Glenolden), and Rescue 56 covered Station 44.  Units ran 1 alarm on Baltimore Pike, which was found to be a false activation.  All cover units were available just before 2100hours.




Sunday, December 18, 2011  At about 0430hours the original companies were dispatched to a home on the 700 block of Haverford Rd for a house fire.  The caller was the home owner stating that they were trying to put the fire out, but it had spread up into the attic.  38-9 arrived and reported a working fire, placing full Companies 38 and 35 into service.  Less than 15min after dispatch company 56 was dispatched for Engine 56 as the RIT.  The crew continued to work through the morning to get control of the blaze, and RIT 56 was made available shortly before 0600hours.  No injuries were reported, and the RIT luckly never went into service.

Units on location was Engines 38, 35, Ladder 38, Rescue 38, Squad 38, Foam 35, RIT 56, Air Bank 58, Ambulances 34, 56, 313 (Narberth), Medic 108, Rehab 34, and Haverford Car 1.




Saturday, December 17, 2011  Saturday morning the crews set off to the neighborhood with our 2 Santa's to go spreed some cheer to the people we protect every day.  All went well and it looked like the children and family's had a blast.  Santa even got a few pictures handed to him from the kids, which we happily posted up on the fridge at the station.  This is something we at the Manoa Fire Company and surrounding companies all over America have been doing for years and will continue to do for years to come.

During this years events the two crews got the early alert from the police that the companies were being dispatched to a home on the 400 block of Virgina Ave for a building fire.  Santa's quickly dismounted the trucks and all 3 trucks and an ambulance were enroute before the dispatch even went out.  Rescue 56, under the command of 56-9B, arrived first and reported nothing showing from the exterior.  Upon speaking with the home owner, he reported that his kitchen was filled with smoke but wasn't sure what the source of fire was.  The Rescue crew made quick entry with a PW and tools, ready for fire to be filling the kitchen area.  As the Rescue made entry the Squad was arriving and 56-9B quickly had the crew pull an 1"&3/4 to the back door.  Once inside the crews quickly discovered the smoke was from an over heated toaster oven and most of the smoke had dissipated on it's own.  None the less, out front was one Santa Claus pulling line, and another one on the pump panel!  The trucks were restored within 30 minutes and both Santa crews went back to their routes.




Tuesday, November 29, 2011  At 1118hours, Company 56 was dispatched to the area of Fairmont Road and Tyson Road for a smoke investigation. As Chief 56 (Norman, Sr.) and Engine 56 went en route, Fireboard advised them that the Haverford Police were in the rear of a residence in the 500-block of Fairmont Road with a brush fire. Upon arrival, Engine 56 discovered a "controlled" burn in the rear yard that had become bigger than originally intended. Crews pulled the front bumper line and extinguished the leaf pile.

After a few hours of downtime, members' ears were perked up by hearing the Blue Route response dispatched to I-476 Southbound in the area of the West Chester Pike overpass for a vehicle fire, reportedly a tractor trailer. The response brought Company, Ambulance, and Medic 53 north on the highway and Company, Ambulance, and Medic 15 southbound. Upon the arrival of Chief 53 (Drake) and Assistant 53-9A (Murray), they discovered a tractor trailer in the southbound lanes, just north of West Chester Pike, fully involved. Upon the arrival of the first due fire apparatus, it became apparent that the location of the truck was creating water supply and fire attack problems. Chief 53 requested Engine 56 make the response to the highway, proceeding north in the southbound lanes. Upon the Engine's arrival, the truck and its crew went in service attacking the fire located in the cab of the truck. Shortly after, the fire was placed under control, with the trailer needing to be forced into to hit any remaining hotspots. Chief 53 then requested Rescue 56 respond to assist with scaffolding and lighting the scene. The Rescue hit the streets seconds later and followed the Engine's path to the scene. After assisting Company 53 with overhaul and lighting, the full company was released and returned to the Township.

Units on Scene (500-block of Fairmont Rd): Engine 56, Chief 56, HTPD

Units on Scene (I-476): Engines 53-2 and 53-3, Squad 15, Engine 15-3, Ambulance and Medic 15, Ambulance and Medic 53, Traffic 53, Chief 53, Assistant 53-9A, Engine 56, Rescue 56, PSP Troopers

** CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO SEE MORE PICTURES (Photos courtesy of Career EMT Monahan and Wagon Drivers Bera and Smith)







Saturday, November 12, 2011  Saturday evening the members and guests of Manoa Fire Company all gathered at the Anthony's Restorante Italiano in Drexel Hill for the annual awards banquet.  This year marked the companies 86th anniversary, bringing us one year closer to the coveted 100th.

During the evening speeches were made and awards were given out.  Most importantly, everyone had a great time.  The night went phenomenal and as years past, everyone looks forward to the next banquet.

Awards for the business year 2011 included:

  • Firefighter of the Year Award - FF Ashley Jameison
  • EMS Person of the Year Award - EMT Desiree Riccardelli
  • Rookie of the Year Award - FF/EMT Joe Yochim
This year the Chiefs dedicated a brand new award for this company.  The Michael C. Norman Chiefs Award had it's first recipient.  This person proved to be a huge asset to the company, both on the scene and behind the scene.  The award went to EMS Capt. William Wechsler.

Other notable awards included:

  • 8,000 Fire Calls - Chief Michael C. Norman
  • 20 Years of Service - Asst. Chief Gerald Kelly
  • 35 Years of Board Service - Edward Fornias




Sunday, October 30, 2011  Eight members of the the Manoa Fire Company recently took advantage of a great training opportunity at the Montgomery County Fire Academy. The members completed the 20-hour Rope/High Angle Rescue course to become proficient in the technical rescue of victims trapped at awkward locations and angles necessitating the rescuers to rappel or ascend to them. Since Rescue 56 is a technical rescue truck packed to the gills with equipment, including a large assortment of high angle rescue tools, members and officers are always looking for rescue classes to get into.

After one night in the classroom, learning basic tactics and refreshing on knots, the whole day on Saturday and Sunday was spent outside on the tower setting up rigging and rappelling over 60 feet to the ground below. As challenging as that would be on a nice sunny day, the class had to contend all day Saturday with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. Though Sunday was drier, the high winds and cold temperatures on the roof of the tower did not make for better conditions. Still the class moved forward and accomplished the goals set forth. It was quickly recognized that most technical rescues do not happen in perfect weather, so we may as well train in the worst, for the worst.

Members still made the best of the bad situation and most, if not all, had a blast jumping off buildings and "walking" down the wall.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011  After a day of being pounded by a freak pre-Halloween snowstorm, the Haverford Township Police Department was sent to the 1600-block of Mount Pleasant Road for a report of a wire down in the rear yard. After PD arrival, officers discovered that a high tension power line had dropped onto a tree in the yard, lighting the entire tree on fire. They requested the fire company be dispatched, but after arrival of Squad and Chief 56, it was determined nothing could be done until PECO arrived to secure the power. Squad 56 returned to quarters, while Chief 56 and HTPD units remained on scene to monitor conditions. Once PECO arrived and completed their work, Squad 56 returned and used the booster line to knock down the remaining fire.

Units on scene: Squad 56, Chief 56 (M. Norman, Sr.), HTPD units, PECO Electric



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