Unit : RESCUE 56
Year : 2006

Rescue 56 is a 2006 E-One capable of seating 8 rescuers. The Rescue has an 18ft non-walk-in box containing a large selection of tools used to handle just about any rescue emergency. This includes ability to have 7 pre-connected Hurst Tools at once, 2 Full sets of Hurst Edraulic tools (spreader cutters, and rams), full sets of paratech stats (both gray and gold editions) hundreds of feet of lumber for cribbing, and other vehicle rescue equipment. Rescue 56 also carries a long list of gear for Water Rescues, Structural Collapse, High Angle Rescue, and a full list of gear for a Rapid Intervention Team. Also carried on this truck is a full list of structural firefighting gear to include 2 Scott Thermal imaging cameras, 2 Gas meters, & a Sensit HGX2d gas meter The Rescue utilizes power from two separate onboard generators used to power all the Hurst Tools, a multitude of mounted and portable Quartz Lights, and a 4500 Watt Light Tower. Also on board is an AED and full cache of EMS equipment. This unit is currently part of the Type IIA water rescue equipment cache.